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Köp levitra online " (The translation of the Quran in Finnish) http://www.carlskeith.com/finnish_meditations.htm "The Meaning of the Qur'an (2nd ed. edition)" http://www.answering-christianity.com/Qur/Translation.htm Ibn Kathir (Muhammad Asad) "This sacred book, the Qur'an, and its commentaries are not meant for us as men and prophets, but are a means for the guidance of just, as it says on the authority of Holy Prophet: `We will give a sound opinion to those who were given belief and sent the Qur'an as witness.'"(Majmu`at al-Da'wah) Ibn Katheer (Tafseer Katheer) "This is a Book that will not be revealed to you except by the will of your Lord; so take as guide him in what he has sent it for; that is more deserving of worship than that they should desire a religion other than the Qur'an."(Tafseer al-Mumtahanah) Bukhari (Volume 4, Book 55, Number 469) It is not just these five that claim Allah has revealed the Quran. verses on this web site and others, the various comments discussions on issue are just a sample. (Please note: All translations by me and those I recommend on this web site are done so for personal use. These translations do not necessarily agree with Islam, and the translations do not necessarily agree with Muslim sources. I am simply offering this translation for those who read this and find it helpful.) A few more facts: Muslims, from Adam to Muhammad, claim the Muslims are Muslims. words "Muslim" and "Prophet" are never used, but all Muslims Priligy dapoxetine online are considered part of the same community. Muslims have never been known to claim that Allah created the Universe or any other scientific fact. Muhammad was not an Atheist, but rather a Atheist of the most basic sort - namely, the kind that denies there is a God. For him, "Allah" was a mere being that existed in the past and present had no control over any events occurring. There never were the Muslims who are often blamed for the rise of Modern Science. Scientists are not to be found in Islamic countries. It is not possible that Muslim scientists would have supported their Prophet and believed what they did when the world was filled with unbelief and error. Science in Islam is taught by way of logic. For example, Muslims do not believe that one person's death should be allowed to affect the life of another. The "Science" that was supposed to be taught by Ibn Sina (the famous 14th Century "Algebraist") was the work of 12th Century Caliph `Uthman (ruled 958 till his grandson succeeded him). This system was called the Qiyas. The Qiyas was to determine numerical values of various elements: metals, plants and their parts, such as grains of sand, etc, for example. It was used for determining the distances of astronomical events, such as the positions of sun and stars from our point of view, and the time year at which sun reaches its perigee and apogee (i.e., the time)

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