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Looking for Arthur? He’s teaching languages on Moodle..

Just before Easter I went to Edinburgh for a mini-break with my son and amongst our many enjoyable outings we ascended Arthur’s Seat, thought by some to be the site of Camelot, the legendary castle and court of King Arthur.

It reminded me, with my #mfltwitterati hat on (Guardian article here) of a great webquest on Moodle that I’d heard about which was designed and developed to make the teaching of English in France more exciting….

The webquest is hosted on a Moodle site called Looking for Arthur and is aimed at pupils in 5e and 6e (11-12 years old) The classess sign up and are presented with, at regular intervals, several “énigmes” which they must undertake, earning points and competing against each other as they go along. At one stage, 180 classes were working through the puzzles, learning about King Arthur and improving their English as they played. The final culminates each year in an exciting day out in the spirit of Arthurian legends (see the 2014 winners here) The webquest even won a prize for its innovative approach to language learning.

Set inside Moodle, the puzzles don’t only use Moodle but also external activities such as Content Generator games, videos and Hotpotatoes exercises, all designed to motivate the pupils whilst also teaching them English and Arthur 🙂 Unfortunately for privacy reasons (there are hundreds of pupils on there!) we can’t look inside the Moodle site, but its creator Mélanie Auriel  English teacher with the Conseil Général du Morbihanhas kindly sent screenshots of some of the activities. So for example here is a vocabulary exercise learning about rebellions against Arthur:

And here is a video activity: watch the video, listen to the lyrics and then do the crossword:

Mélanie is a frequent presenter of free MFL teacher webinars organised by Jürgen Wagner so I do suggest you check them out and be inspired by her next one 🙂

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