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Calling all Moodling Computing teachers…

Today I was pleased to approve two new entries in our Content database, the place where you can get Moodle quiz questions, glossary and database entries and more for your own Moodle site. They are both Computing related quiz questions, some General computing  questions from Hiteshi Trivedi and over 150 GCSE Computing questions from Alan O’Donohoe, former teaching colleague of mine and now continuing his Computing evangelism in a new role with the Exa Foundation.

I’ve for long wanted to create an example Moodle course on Computing, to showcase on our Mount Orange School demo site. This site contains ready-made courses and activities to give you an idea of how to use Moodle in your subject. These new quiz questions will make a great start to a course for teenagers learning Computing  – and I’ll get started on it – but there is only one problem: I don’t actually know anything about Computing 🙂 So here’s where you come in, Moodling Computing teachers….

Open clipart image of teaching code

Alan sees his quiz questions as “Work in progress” and is happy for others to add to and improve them. I’m going to attempt to turn some into the cool new  drag and drop question types   – but we really need more stuff other than just quiz questions! It would be great if you have any other activities you could share, such as Moodle glossary entries , database templates or any ideas for collaborative activities you’ve used yourself in teaching Computing via Moodle.  I’ll build a sample Moodle course from them which we can add to Mount Orange, not only as an example of a Moodle Computing course but also as a usable one you can download and adapt for your own school and students. In fact, with grading via Competency/Skills Based learning being supported in the next version of Moodle, it would be a fine opportunity also to produce real demonstrations of how competencies are achieved.  So please spread the word!

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