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An important date slipped me by during the busy Christmas/New Year period: it was the end of December 2007 that I started this Moodle blog. Ten years…

A lot of things have happened over that decade, to me and to Moodle. When I first began, I was a full time languages and geography teacher, my children were still at school and Moodle was on version 1.8. In the intervening years, I moved from teacher to Moodle Community Educator, my children fled the nest, one to teach in London (with Moodle for School) and one to teach in St Petersburg (prompting me to learn Russian) and Moodle, of course, went from Moodle 2 to Moodle 3.4.

old Moodleblog

Moodleblog 2008 courtesy of Wayback Machine

The blog posts from the last ten years are all there, but unfortunately because of changing hosts, domain name and my own inefficiency, many of the images are gone. The first blog entry was a review of a Moodle book – little did I know at the time I’d be lucky enough to write Moodle books myself and then help with Moodle documentation.

Ten years ago I also began making video tutorials, partly for my school colleagues, partly to help others, but mostly, I suspect, for my own pleasure. I didn’t imagine then I would be luck enough to be involved in the making of Moodle Release videos and the Learn Moodle Basics MOOC videos. (Quick plug: Learn Moodle Basics 3.4 MOOC starts next week and as usual there will be a playlist of video tutorials for the latest version.)

Ten years ago I rarely left my classroom (unless you count school trips to Blackpool Zoo!) And my French and German didn’t extend beyond the requirements of the UK GCSE curriculum (age 16)) Moodle has given me the opportunity, via Moodle Moots, to visit Australia, USA, Japan as well as revisting a number of European cities and networking with Moodle users globally. I’ve been able to use my French and German to a better level than I could in school; I got a chance to practise my minimal Spanish and even learned a bit of Japanese before heading to Tokyo. After some great times in Dublin, Edinburgh and London, the next UK Moodle moot will be on 26 March in Glasgow (which I have never visited!) and I hope to see you there! And if you happen to be a Russian speaker at any Moodle moot – be warned – I will probably pounce on you to practise my current homework!

Ten years having passed, means I am now only two years away from claiming my teacher’s pension. I could, in fact, retire. I mentioned this to my son the other week, saying it would be great to be retired because I could use my time flexibly, still be involved in the Moodle community, helping in forums. contributing documentation, making videos, while at the same time being able to travel the world and have time to study. He looked at me quizzically for a moment and said “But mum – you get to do all those things already! What’s the point of retiring?”

So.. grateful thanks @moodle. Here’s to the next ten years!



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  1. thank you Mary for all of your great Moodle work for us!!!

    Comment: Mia Musolino – 03. January 2018 @ 2:12 pm

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