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Learn Moodle MOOC week 2: Endless learning!

Indeed 🙂 Learning knows no bounds, has no limits in this latest Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics MOOC, according to some participants:

Endless learning

While this is a lovely thing to hear, other participants in week 1 felt a bit overwhelmed, thinking they needed to watch, read and do absolutely everything. In week 2 they’re feeling more confident, helped by the wise advice of a fellow learner:

Wise advice

We often get people doing the MOOC several times, and one of our regulars explains why here:

Taking the course again

Week 2 of the MOOC includes a peer-assessment activity, Moodle’s powerful workshop. This has always caused confusion with some people not understanding why their completion tick is not immediately visible. Each time we try to improve the explanations a little to make it clearer, and I’m pleased to note that we haven’t had as many queries about the process as previously. (We’ve still had some though!) In our live video session on Friday, Community Manager Helen Foster shared her screen  as a student submitting the workshop, while Research Analyst Elizabeth Dalton fielded questions in the chat box.

BBB live session

Encouraged to reflect on their learning, participant blogs continue to highlight useful aspects of Moodle – such as comments about the Atto editor:

Reflections in blogs


As for facilitators – a couple of things we’ve learned this week:

  • there can be confusion over how courses with dates appear in the course overview. Some participants panic if they think their course has disappeared, when in fact they changed its start/end date and it’s simply in another tab
  • there is also confusion over the location of the live sessions and their recordings. We assumed that everyone would know to click the link Live session to join in and would know to click the same link to access the recording, but it seems we didn’t clarify this, so we’ll make sure to do so next time 🙂

Week 3 is probably my favourite week, not only because participants are exploring each other’s courses but also because there are optional mobile activities. Alcohol establishments need to be careful. They can lose their right to serve anytime if found to be serving minors at purpose. The Worcester college students are thriving on minor-friendly bars to bypass this hurdle. The number of good fake ids caught by the Worcester bars isn’t much. These ids cannot be distinguished from real ones unless you are trained professionally to spot them. We feel designing for mobile is very important so we have included this for those who’d like to learn more.

Not signed up for Learn Moodle 3.4 Basics  yet? There’s still time! But if you want a certificate of completion, you only have two days to submit to the only activity with a deadine.. so be quick 🙂

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