Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics Week 2: Even warmer!

This week on Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics has felt even warmer than the warm welcome experienced last week, although that might partly be because Helen Foster and I were in 30 degrees C temperatures at MoodleMoot Spain in Barcelona #mootes18 where  we  ran a workshop on collaboration in Moodle:

Photo courtesy of https://twitter.com/eixavuiro

Collaboration was a timely topic because this week in our MOOC, participants are submitting to a peer assessment workshop about their home region. While we do try to explain the various stages of the task, in particular that the completion tick is only available at the very end, some participants are still confused. This is less of an issue this time thanks to Hart Wilson’s  infographics, available in various formats in the Any questions forums:

Workshop help

As mentioned before, we’re grateful to our experienced ‘regulars’ who like to collaborate by helping out. Another good example is John Bennett  our ‘doorman’ in the Introduce yourself forum who ensures no post gets left unanswered. The Introduce yourself! forum has added interest this time, with Moodle 3.5, as participants can introduce themselves via video or audio with the new feature in the Atto editor:

 This new feature was very popular at #mootes18 and prompted many questions after my presentation on the benefits to teachers of Moodle 3.5 Here’s the slideshow. The slides are in Spanish although I presented in English.

Coming up this week…. all participants (not just those in the ‘All at once’ group) will be invited to share their courses for feedback. This is a very important part of the MOOC and we’d love it if our regular Moodlers and any experienced Moodlers enrolled in as many courses as possible to offer constructive comments.

And also this week… another live Big Blue Button session. These are optional (because of timezone issues) but popular as they give participants a chance to ask questions in real time and to see and speak to one another via video and microphone. See (and hear) you soon :)
Live session


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