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Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics Week 3: Celebrating cultures

As we pass the half way mark in the current Learn Moodle 3.5 Basics MOOC, participants are discovering more about the countries and cultures of each other through two activities: a Food for Moodlers database and a My home country (peer assessment) workshop. Both these activities are advanced tools which are not directly taught in the MOOC but provide an experience, a ‘taster’ of what is possible in Moodle. In the database activity, participants share favourite recipes from their region:


In the My home country activity participants give basic information including an image and link to a website about their home area, and in the current “Assessment phase” the information is now evaluated according to very simple criteria by their peers. The submission and evaluation criteria have been deliberately left very simple, not only because of the number of non-native English speakers in the course but primarily because we want participants to get a feel for the process of this powerful peer assessment activity, without the worry of inadequate grading. (That doesn’t stop the worry for some participants however!)


These two activities, along with other activities from the MOOC aroused so much interest in earlier runs of the course that we replicated them in our School demonstration Moodle site, Mount Orange. This is a site where you can take on the role of teacher or student and try out activities, safe in the knowledge that you cannot break anything as the site is reset every hour on the hour. There is a course there called Celebrating cultures  and if you’d like to see permanent examples of the database, workshop and other MOOC activities, log in and explore!

Week 3 also offers optional activities to better appreciate the Moodle mobile app, now updated for the latest version of Moodle. There’s an optional quiz and assignment for mobile app users in the MOOC, but the School demonstration site also has a course specifically designed to try with the mobile app. Head over to the Digital literacy course  with the app and see how you get on 🙂

While there’s still time to join the MOOC, it’s too late to obtain a certificate of completion as the one single deadline has passed. However, watch social media this coming week for the announcement of the next run, Learn Moodle 3.6 Basics 🙂

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