Learn Moodle beginner admin screencasts

Each time we facilitate our twice-yearly Learn Moodle Basics MOOC (the next run starting on January 7th) we offer a series of starter videos for educators new to teaching with Moodle. The Learn Moodle Basics playlists are all here – find the appropriate playlist for your version of Moodle!

The Learn Moodle Basics MOOC is for non-technical educators and only covers teaching within a course. We do often get asked questions about more advanced features of Moodle and about Moodle admin. Our response is, and will continue to be, to check the Moodle documentation, ask in the multi-lingual Moodle community forums or contact a Moodle partner for more customised, paid-for support.

However… we recently released a handful of “Learn Moodle Extra” videos, covering activities too complex for the MOOC. Find out more about these advanced Moodle screencasts here.

We’ve also been working on a series of 11 Learn Moodle beginner admin videos, starting with how to get your users onto Moodle and into your courses. (That’s “authentication and enrolment” for those familiar with the Moodle terms.)

Accessing Moodle

The screencasts ARE basic, designed for those non-technical Moodle admins who, perhaps, have a free MoodleCloud site or who have been delegated Moodle admin by their institution without any prior experience. Eventually the aim is to produce further series, for example on course creation and management. In the meantime, if you’re a beginner admin and you need more assistance, don’t forget our Moodle partners offer admin training and our global Moodle community is permanently on call to offer free advice.

Happy Moodling!

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