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Moodle Blog 6: Basic Moodle – Beginners’ Top Ten Tips

Sunday, 13. January 2008 von admin

Nothing complex or fancy – just ten suggestions for Good Practice when starting out in Moodle.

  1.  The  ‘Name‘ of  a new resource that you upload is the text students will see to click on – so give it something meaningful, such as Click here for homework Jan 13th rather than worksheet1.add resource
  2. 2. Before uploading resources , go to Admin>Files and make a folder with an appropriate name – teacher or topic. Then upload the documents to that particular folder. Won’t matter in the early stages when there isn’t much there but if several people are uploading resources and they all just ‘dump’ them in the files area, locating a document there will very quickly become extremely difficult.
  3. For each topic/week section, add a (small) image. It breaks up the text and makes the course a bit more attractive when first accessed. Use the label similarly to break up lists of resources.
  4. If you have many files to upload, put them all into one folder and’ zip’ them up. Right click on the folder>send to compressed(zipped) folder. Moodle will not accept ‘normal’ folders. Once it’s in the files area, click on the prompt to ‘unzip’ before linking to them
  5. To avoid long lists of worksheets one under the other (mum’s shopping list) – choose instead to ‘display directory‘ This will show a briefcase icon and when the student clicks on it, the files will be shown, rather than cluttering up the display
  6. 6. Always choose the option of opening the resource in a new window. That way, Moodle is still in the background and won’t vanish if by error the student clicks the X once they’re done with the file.
  7. If you’re planning a new simple worksheet for Moodle that you haven’t yet done in Word – don’t. Choose the ‘compose a webpage‘ option and type it straight into Moodle instead. That way, students can access it from one click, rather than having to endure the message ‘do you want to save or open this file?’ then having to make that decision… . then having to wait…. webpage …much quicker.
  8. Aim to add a Forum wherever possible on a page of worksheets/homeworks. It gives students the opportunity to question classmates or the teacher about the work and is a simple way in to Moodle’s interactivity.
  9.  Likewise, set up the Choice  activity to gauge how well students have understoood a task.
  10. Ask them what they want on Moodle – and try to do it! It will be more successful if it fits in with their needs rather than with what you think they should get.


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