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Wednesday, 15. April 2009 von admin

file manager blockIs there an easy way my students can store their files in Moodle – a bit like an online locker? So asked my friend Sharon Betts on  a few days ago, prompting a few suggestions which yet again made me realise sometimes the simplest ways are the best. Mahara, with all its wonderful features, was maybe a bit of an overkill in a situation where students just needed a place to keep a dozen or so word documents. The Moodle database module has been used in this way apparently but I  suggested Exabis e-portfolio, which is OK. However, I then fell immediately in love with the file manager block because of its sheer simplicity and functionality. It does what it says on the tin, as a UK commercial boasts. It is a module you install as a block and then can add to a course page – admin then decides the settings for upload size and sharing and then students can store their stuff in it for that course.  Not only that but they can choose to share items with others and the interface is extremely easy for them to use.

But it gets better! Or – I should say – simpler!  Another suggestion brought home yet again Moodle’s versatility, its customisability.  Colin Matheson uses the Advanced Uploading of Files Assignment for this very purpose – one of those Moodle workarounds I just love. A feature of this assignment type in normal circumstances is that students can send their teacher more than one item – say, if they are doing an on-going project for example. So why not simply set up the assignment for them to upload  a bunch of files – but not use it for marking? They can’t share in the same way as they can with the file manager block but maybe there is no need to share?  Maybe the students just want an area to keep their stuff? The default is a maximum of 20 uploaded files – if this isn’t enough it is possible to hack the code and increase the number. (At least – I tried doing that and it didn’t break my Moodle but I guarantee nothing!) An online locker made in Moodle? This could be it!


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