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Thursday, 29. October 2009 von admin

Moodle has a new basic assignment type, thanks to Dan Poltawski of LUNS and CLEO land here in the NW of England. Similar to the “upload a single file” type where students can browse and send you their work for marking , the nanogong assignment presents them with a little sound recorder into which they can record themselves , play back to check and then send to you. Nanogong‘s been around and popular for a while but now it’s in an easy-to-operate assignment . Below is a simple screencast showing how to install (if you have admin rights) and how to use it with your students. It has been a big hit for us in Modern languages because it’s an excellent way of setting speaking homeworks – but it has advantages also for those students who might find writing/typing difficult and who would  be happy to speak their responses instead of worry about spelling. They can have a choice now – speak or type!


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