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Valium availability australia In the first few days after my release from hospital I could eat one-third of a gram rations and my weight gradually increased. In the first few days Australia when people first found out that I had been released was in a horrible state. The first five weeks I had my rations for three days, then four. I needed them when they were given to me and had no food when I was without them. Now usually just have some food in the afternoon, because I need to fuel my metabolism better and it is not good for my body to do that. weight in the first week on this new dietary regime has increased to the point that it is still growing. around 20 kg. At only six to seven months now I am still gaining some weight per day, but at the present rate my body is doing a lot better. As far my health goes, at least I can sleep. do miss my friends, but it is not too bad. a bit scary living on this kind of medication, but if someone else could see my situation in those conditions, then maybe he could understand it. If you do it, must not ever eat it. Diet and Nutrition I have found diet and nutrition to be the greatest difficulty. I have lost all my body fat, which is good, but it comes at the expense of my muscles and face. I can't say am happy with myself. I think am not so different from other inmates because this is what I see. But think am quite different from other prisoners in terms of my thoughts and actions. Before, I used to see the world through a very broad lens and it was a problem. seemed as if I saw the world with a much more detached eye if that makes sense. Now I cannot look at the world same way I used to, because everything saw was distorted through the influence of Promethazine tablets to buy my medications. If I feel sick, do not sick because I am medication. feel sick because I am in prison and because I still have a mental illness that I need medication to control. It is not that medication does work to control it, it did work just like everything else did, but now I look at it differently. The other thing that I can't deal with is my skin colour. I cannot have a relationship with anyone about the fact that I have colour. In the hospital and prison, I could. could be nice to people and talk them, which is very important, and maybe things would be better, but now, because of my illness, and it is still very difficult for me to be social, just like it is for other people who are in prison, I can't even bring myself to talk about the colour of my skin. I don't think will ever change it. When asked if I could be white would say that this be an easy question if it were a normal question and there was no disease involved. I just can't deal with it. The Food The first thing people notice as soon they come across me is my skin colour. I would love for them to think about how that is possible, this man with white skin. I like to give them an example of how I would feel if someone asked I was white. would have to lie them, because that would mean they Viagra generic in australia knew who I was, and that am still the same person as I was before. Then, a very different question would come to mind, and that would be, "Why should I be any different?" And would have the same answer, but with a different vocabulary. There has to be a reason why I am now white.

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Moodle on your Windows laptop with Git (for dummies!)

One huge advantage Moodle has over locked-in commercial products is that,  being open source, anyone can download it and learn it, practise it or play with it on their laptops, computers or i-devices. If you are a non-technical Moodler and you use Windows there is an “all-in-one”  package that basically sets everything up for you. You can download Moodle onto your Windows pc from this link.

But while that is easy to set up, it is a bit of a bind to update if you want it regularly updated. That might not matter for most Moodlers who just want Moodle on “local host” and don’t want or need to get newer versions more than once or twice a year if that. But what if you want to be at the cutting edge? Moodle is updated every week and fixes/improvements are available all the time. This is where Git comes in handy.  It allows users not only to easily download and update their Moodles but also to share improvements with others. The trouble is, it is so powerful that for non-technical people  it seems very complicated. To some, it’s a huge jungle of tall trees with overhanging branches; to others, it’s an infinite railway track with branch lines forking off all over the country. There are different ways of achieving the same ends. and  when you explore it. you run the risk of being given information you didn’t really need to know for what you want to do.   It has a language and protocols of its own and I don’t understand any of them. Yet.

I got a case of Git-itis myself where I got confused by the many ways of doing this, the various “commands” and information overload.  Maybe in future months I will want to do all the other fancy stuff, but for the time being I just want to use it to keep Moodle up to date on my Windows laptop every week. So here is ONE way of getting Moodle onto a Windows laptop and being able to keep it updated. I am using a site called Github actually. This doesn’t pretend to be the best , quickest or purest way  -but it works! There is also some documentation here if you prefer to read rather than watch videos.

I have now got Moodle 2.2, 2.3 and the latest 2.4 by this method. What I want to learn next is:

  1. how to get changes made by others in between times (so I can help testing) – and -
  2. how I can install this way on my online server rather than asking my kind host to do all my upgrades for me.

That will  involves a journey into the jungle (or down the track!)