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Raspberry Pi Raspberry Jams Our Lady’s in Preston

Alan O’Donohoe @teknoteacher

Raspberry Pi Foundation Carrie Anne Philbin

Moodle forums.

Pete Lomas,

“Martin’s Five Laws” of social constructionism

City and Guilds



4 thoughts on “Moodlefairy gets a slice of Raspberry Pi at #RJamboree

  1. mrverrall

    “How does Moodle work on a Pi? A quick Google suggested installing Moodle is do-able – is it slow? Is it functional? What would be the point?”

    Totally doable! Sticking a full software stack on a single Raspberry Pi 2 (database, web server and file-store) I get page processing times for under 1s for a ‘vanilla’ moodle install. This is better than some of the hosting we have migrated people from before now.

    How would this perform in the real world? Well probably fine for a small school, the biggest bottle neck being the SD-Card storage.

    But can this scale up? This is the really great thing about Linux on commodity hardware like the PI, If we separate out our core system functions like the database by deploying more Pis things should not only scale, but probably even get better/faster.

    So if we buy a few Pis and have have maybe some for a dedicated and replicated database and perhaps two or more for webserver/php frontends, we can even add load balancer or two, again using Pis . Our bottleneck of the SD-Cards space and speed can be solved with a cheap-ish ‘home’ NAS. So long as we are happy with the speed this can scale horizontally to as many pi’s as we need for our user numbers.

    I think all this can be achieved in under £500. So why not just get a £500 PC which might actually be quicker on your average page load? Well what we’ve build with the Pis is a fully redundant ‘High-Availability’ solution which stays up if any one component fails and only costs us <£40 when it does.

  2. Visvanath Ratnaweera

    Hi Paul

    Your MooPi is a neat job!

    The installation is not “plain vanilla” though: I saw that Nginx, php-fmp, php-apc, Memcached, PostgreSQL, etc. are all part of it. Thanks for the description: I wished, it’d be more detailed, so that others can repeat the exercise. Once I installed Moodle on a Pi 2 but the performance was disappointing. I found out that the the SD card is the bottle neck. Mine was not class 10. Hoping to retry with your system next time.

    BTW, was a nice surprise!

  3. Paul Verrall

    Hi Visvanath,

    Thanks for looking! The documentation is a work in progress and I’ve been backfeeding the docs at where appropriate too. The Linux history course is freely available at and I thought it would be good to have one normal course to show performance.

    Regarding SD cards, class is actually fairly moot for the Raspberry Pi and random read/write performance is much more important, see here:
    Moopi IS using a class 10 card, but specifically a Samsung card with the same random access performance boosts Raspberry Pi HQ had identified, I settled for a 32GB Samsung evo card because it was pretty cheap, see:

    As for Vanilla, for a bare minimum install you need an HTTPD, a way to hook that into PHP and a database, so that is Nginx, php-fpm and Postgres covered as essential necessities. If you’re using a newish version of PHP (5.5+) you’re probably already using the built-in PHP opcache, I have APC as the Raspbian PHP binaries are a touch old. Lastly Memcached support has been in core Moodle since 2.4, so I’d consider that pretty vanilla too.

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